Sunday, August 28, 2022

Book Review | The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

Rating: 5 ❤❤❤❤❤

Goodreads Description:

Catalina Martín, finally, not single. Her family is happy to announce that she will bring her American boyfriend to her sister's wedding. Everyone is invited to come and witness the most magical event of the year.

 That would certainly be tomorrow's headline in the local newspaper of the small Spanish town I came from. Or the epitaph on my tombstone, seeing the turn my life had taken in the span of a phone call.


Four weeks wasn't a lot of time to find someone willing to cross the Atlantic-from NYC and all the way to Spain-for a wedding. Let alone, someone eager to play along my charade. But that didn't mean I was desperate enough to bring the 6'4 blue eyed pain in my ass standing before me.


Aaron Blackford. The man whose main occupation was making my blood boil had just offered himself to be my date. Right after inserting his nose in my business, calling me delusional, and calling himself my best option. See? Outrageous. Aggravating. Blood boiling. And much to my total despair, also right. Which left me with a surly and extra large dilemma in my hands. Was it worth the suffering to bring my colleague and bane of my existence as my fake boyfriend to my sister's wedding? Or was I better off coming clean and facing the consequences of my panic induced lie?


Like my abuela would say, que dios nos pille confesados.

First off, I saw this book everywhere on Instagram, Book Tok, Blogs, etc. I was attracted to its beautiful cover and the mystery behind the title. Eventually I gave in because there had to be a reason for the amount of recommendations that it received. 

And… yes it lived up to its hype. I absolutely loved this book from the moment that I started to read it to the very last page. After finishing it up in two days (Probably could have in a shorter time, but hey life, right?) I was reeling about it. I even ran over to my partner and blurted out the entire plot and gushed over how steamy it was. I definitely would say, I would re-read this book and I am not a person that is really into re-reads. 

Catalina aka Lina finds herself in a sticky situation when she has no date for her sister’s wedding and has told a little lie about showing up with a boyfriend that doesn’t exist. She enlists her frenemy to help her and it begins a long lustful, surprising journey between the two of them. 

“You feel complete in my arms. You feel like my home.” - Elena Armas

The characters in this book are the perfect example of “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” I loved the coy flirting and the punch of steamy romance. But most of all, I really appreciated how Armas shows how misogyny is still very much alive in work environments. I was ready to lunge into the book and defend Lina. I always like to dive into the themes of books or sometimes underlying themes, especially in fiction, women’s fiction, creative writing, etc. I loved that Armas wrote about workplace culture and how it can be different for men and women. The book by no means is a heavy essay about work culture and misogyny but it was written into the plot so well that you got the point but the book itself was still very light-hearted. I loved that. 

I really hope someone picks this up and makes it a movie! Wouldn’t that be great?



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